The conference will be held at the University of Turku (link to map), in Turku, Finland. Registration desk, invited talks and coffees are in Agora-building, see the link above. Contributed talks are in the next building Quantum, where the derpartment of Mathametics and Statistics is located. See the campus map. More information about the city can be found from the official tourist web-pages of Turku.

Participants should arrange their own accommodation. For example the following hotels are within walking distance: Scandic Julia and Scandic Plaza, Holiday Club CaribiaSokos Hotel Hamburger BörsHotelli Helmi. Budget alternatives include hostel museum ship s/s Bore, hostel Majatalo Kupittaa and self-service hotels Omena Hotel Turku and Hesehotelli. Other hotels can be found from Google maps.

Turku is served by a small airport with international flights from Gdansk, Riga and Stockholm. There are also several flights from Helsinki. However, usually the best option is to fly to Helsinki, officially  Helsinki-Vantaa airport, and take the train or bus from there. Turku is so small that here you can easily move by walking. The train takes two hours and costs 10-20 € one way. You do not need to buy train tickets in advance, although in advance the price is slightly lower. You can buy train tickets from the starting point is  ‘Helsinki airport’ and the destination is  ‘Turku’, please choose a connection with 1 transfer (not with 2 transfers). Bus tickets can be found at from ‘Helsinki airport’  to ‘Turku’.