Invited speakers

Abstracts of invited and contributed talks (pdf).


  • Daniel Beltita (Romanian Academy): Nonlinear oblique projections in Lie groups
  • Iulian Cimpean (Romanian Academy): Dealing with not allowed starting points for solutions to singular SDEs in Hilbert spaces: a potential theoretical approach
  • Mahmoud Filali (University of Oulu): ℓ_1-bases in Banach algebras and Arens irregularities in harmonic analysis
  • Cezar Joita (Romanian Academy): Local triviality of analytic mappings
  • Mikael Lindström (Åbo akademi): On the norm of the Hilbert matrix operator on weighted Bergman spaces
  • Magdalena Musat (University of Copenhagen) (cancelled)
  • Dan Timotin (Romanian Academy): Truncated Toeplitz operators and beyond

Joint session

  • Ritva Hurri-Syrjänen (University of Helsinki): On pointwise estimates
  • Mihai Mihailescu (University of Craiova): The Monotonicity of the Principal Eigenvalue of the p-Laplace Operator
  • Mark Veraar (Delft University of Technology): On the optimal Besov regularity of solutions to stochastic differential equations


  • Sun-Sig Byun (Seoul National University): Higher regularity results for non-uniformly elliptic equations
  • Iwona Chlebicka (University of Warsaw): Density of smooth functions in
    Musielak-Orlicz spaces
  • Yumi Cho (Seoul National University): Global gradien estimates in double obstacle problems with measure data
  • Cristiana De Filippis (University of Oxford): Latest news on double phase problems
  • Aldo Pratelli (University of Pisa): On the minimization and stability of the Riesz potential
  • Humberto Rafeiro (University of UAE): Bounded variation spaces with variable exponent
  • Cornelia Schneider (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg): Besov regularity of parabolic PDEs
  • Sebastian Schwarzacher (Charles University, Prague): The p-Laplace system with right-hand side in divergence form: Inner and up to the boundary Campanato estimates
  • Lenka Slavíková (University of Missouri): Sharp estimates for Fourier multipliers
  • Dachun Yang (Beijing Normal University): Multiplication Between Hardy Spaces and Their Dual Spaces